I acquire a large pumpkin in my produce box but it isn’t a variety that I’m familiar with. I ordered a squash but ended up with this odd lumpy vegetable instead. A quick search reveals that it is a Crown Prince Pumpkin with light orange flesh that is even sweeter than butternut squash. Many people recommend roasting it but I’m still not quite sure what I will do with it once it’s cooked.

The Crown Prince itself is an impressive size with light green and thick grey skin like an ogre from a fairy tale. It’s got many bumps and…

Creating beautiful fall decorations in your home doesn’t have to hurt the environment.

When the weather changes, it’s time to decorate. At least, that’s the general feeling when the air goes from balmy to chilly in the evenings and the fringes of the cold and frost in the mornings don’t go unnoticed. Or when the nights become longer and cinnamon is commonplace in hot drinks. Decorating in the fall is a way to welcome a new chapter as kids go back to school and you spend more time indoors.

Using the outdoors as your inspiration is also a way to…

“We can’t guarantee anything.” I’ve been told this over and over when I ask a server about the presence of nuts in the food that I would like to order.

I have a life-threatening nut allergy and hearing responses like the one above isn’t reassuring. A vague, non-commital response is all too common when I ask about what is safe to eat. This goes across all types of cuisines, restaurants and takeaways. My allergies have made me curious; they won’t stop me from trying something new. If I want something, I make it myself.

My allergies have made me curious…

Growing up in America, I thought there were only three types of potatoes: small red potatoes, Yukon Golds, and the classic big earthy brown type grown in Idaho — -Russets. As a teenager, I was lucky if I could find purple potatoes, something that became popular in grocery stores around the time. If someone had asked me to describe a potato I would have said an oblong vegetable that’s brown and starchy without much flavour.

The only sensible way to eat a Russet potato is to slather it in little white squares of butter until it melts and pools and…

Sam Olander Coffey

Originally from the US and now living in the UK, I write about food, living with food allergies, travel, eco-friendly lifestyles, and creativity.

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